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Scholastic News Sticky Situation • May 10-17, 2010


Sarah is visiting her friend Rana's house. Rana's family has a pool, and Rana suggests that they go swimming. Sarah's mother has told her not to swim if no adults are there to supervise. Rana's parents are away. Sarah wants to swim with Rana. What should Sarah do?

Scroll down to the space provided, and write a paragraph explaining what you think Sarah should do.

Other Scholastic News readers will be posting their thoughts about this week's ethical dilemma, too. So come back to the Sticky Situation blog to discuss their solutions!

I think that Sara, should call her mother and ask if she will supervise because Rana's mother and father aren't home.

She should put her feet in the pool and talk to Rana and when a adult over18 comes they could get fully in the pool. that sounds fair. What do you people think?

I think Sarah should ask Rana's mom again.

wait another day and when her parents come back then she should get in the pool if her parents will supervize

well i think that she should aks for a babysitter, and if that doesnt work out, then they should really do something else. My honest opinion is that she should tell her friend that they can do it another time. By that she should say my mom said...... this hapened to me before but different situation. =) there are no hard feelings done. its just saing the truth. and friends don't lie to each other

I really suggest that they wait until Rana's parents come back or not swim at all.

Dear Sarah

I think u should listen to your mom u could get hurt. so my advice is to just dont swim unless u have an adult just like your mom said. she cares about you so just listen to her ok good luck.

Even though Rana is inviting Sarah to swim in her pool, Sarah should think about what her mother told her. Sarah's mother stated not to go to the pool with no adults supervising. Rana's parents are there so she can't swim. Sarah needs to tell Rana that her mother doesn't allow her to swim with no adults watching. What happens if she drowns and no adult supervises?

Ask her Mother if she can come with her to the pool or if she has a older brother or sister to come over there to watch her or tell rana my promblem and hope she understands.

When she gets there and ask her friend if she is going to go swiming and see if her mom and dad if she can go swiming and then she can get changed into her swimming suit and then go into the pool with her friend that is what i think she should do.

I think she should call her parents and ask if she could go swimming with Sarah and if she says no they should just do something else

I think she should wait intil here mom is home. Because you should always have supervision when your swimming

if she does not let her in she can not get in.

I think she should go in the pool because first,she should ask Rana's mom if she can watch them while they go in the pool & go swimming

I think she should not go in the pool because sarahs mom already said no if no adults are around and if sarah goes into te pool and something happen to sarah and saharahs friend they will get into deep trouble.

I think that she should wait intil here mom gets home.Because you should always have supervision.

she sould tell her mom that she need her to come and watch her for a little while

I think Sarah should call her mom to supervise them

she sould tell her that her mom said she can't go swimming

I think sarah should ask rana,s mom if she could watch rana and her swim so if they start to drown rana,s mom could help them get out of the pool.

I think Sarah should call her mom to supervise them and if that doesn't work she shouldn't go in.

I think she should wait for an adult to be present

I think Sarah should call her mom and ask if it's okay.:)

i think she should not gobecause she will and might get or drown in the water because her mom toldher so.

well i think she should not go swiming she could get hurt and die

Well, i personally believe that she should just say to Rana that she can't go swimming if there is no supervision whatsoever. They should both think of an alternative, like going out for ice cream, or the park or for a jog or something. If Rana doesn't want to do this with Sara, or can't accept her parent's polocy in any sort of way, then maybe she was never a good friend after all.

I think she should go to the public pool.

I think she should wait until her mom and dad get home and ask one of them to watch them. If they say no, they shouldn't go swimming.

I think that Sarah should not go swimming and listen to her mom. If Rana's mom doesn't want her to go swimming either then they shouldn' go swimming

she should say "I'm sorry,i can't. My mom told me i should not swim without supervision

I tink she should ask a friends dad or mother or to call here mom and ask poliely if she could go swimming

I dont know,may be eat food!

I think she should ask one of Rana's parents to swim with them so she will be listening to what her parents told her to do.

i think she can call her mom AND say please the magic word

she should tell her friend that she has somthing else she wants to show her and her friend still want to go swimming she needs to tell her "no!" my mom told me not to.

I think that Sarah should call her mom and then ask if she could come and supervise. If she says no, then she should suggest to do something else. Maybe they could go to a swimming pool in town.

I think that Sara should tell Rana that she doesn't think that it's such a good idea, because there's no one there to supervise them. If she refuses, she should call her mom and tell her that Rana is swimming in the pool even though her mom told her not to. It is very important that no one gets hurt, and in order to do so, an adult should watch as children play in a pool. It's for the best!

I think she shouldn't because if her parents said no then she shouldn't. Shara needs to listen to her parents because if one of them can't swim very well and there is no one to watch them they could end up drowning. They should wait until Rana's parents come back.

I think that Rana should just wait till her mom comes home, then she can go swimming with her friend.

i think that sarah should listen to her mom and just leave and when her mom asked her what happend and say i just went home.

i think some kids shudient be left alown while there mom is out of town i mean something might happen to them maybe someone might brek in or the house might caught on fire or a tornado,or a hurricain might come or a relly bad storm.They might get hurt.This is why i think kids shoud be left aloun under 10.

I think she should ask her neighbor if she could come swim or watch them swim if they want to or don't swim at all.

Sarah should listen to her mom because she could drown or slip on the pool deck, and slip and break her neck. This is also a bad reason because she could get in trouble, or her friend could drown of slip and break somthing. Also, her friend might get in trouble, and she could be grounded and not be able to see her friend anymore for a while. Sarah could suggest to her friend to do somthing else than play in the pool.

She should think abot what is right and do it

She should think abot what is right and do it

I,Shredder Shrdder, think she should do what is right even though her parents might never know.I think that is the right thing to do.

i think that sarah should lissten to her mom and just leave

She should have Rana's mom or dad come watch them swim.

Ask Rana if they could run in the sprinkler etc.

I think Sarah should wait for Rana's parents to come home first, before Sarah gose swiming

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