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Scholastic News Sticky Situation • April 26, 2010


Logan receives an e-mail from Jerry. In the e-mail, Jerry tells Logan to do his science homework for him. Jerry says he will make fun of Logan in front of their class if Logan doesn't do it. Logan doesn't want to help Jerry cheat, but he also doesn't want to be embarrassed. What should Logan do?

Scroll down to the space provided, and write a paragraph explaining what you think Logan should do.

Other Scholastic News readers will be posting their thoughts about this week's ethical dilemma, too. So come back to the Sticky Situation blog to discuss their solutions!

i think he shuold tell on him becuase making fun of people is not nice

I think Login sould tell Jerry: No. You can call me anything you want! But you want to now what you can't call me,a bully.You are going to doit with me wather you like it oe not.

he should actually tell the teacher on terry to see if she or he would put an end to this mean bully

I think Logan should just tell the teacher and if he still embarrases him he can tell the principal.

yell i think that he should not do his homework becaus that would be cheating and that will not be good and if he tell on him i will just live with it and some day im sure they will forget

i think he should tell his teacher about it

He should tell the teacher and not do his work becuaes he is being a bully.

I think he should not do it the teacher will stop jerry.

I think he should just tell somebody he knows

I think he should do his own homework thats it

Logan should tell an adult or tell his parents

I think that Logan should tell his teacher what Jerry's e-mail said and then the teacher would probably be able to have a talk a. if Jerry is in Logan's class, have a talk with Jerry, and be if Jerry isn't in Logan's class than Logan's teacher should have a talk with Jerry's teacher,and either way have a talk with Jerry

Jerry should do his howework without help. Logan should tell Jerry that he cannot do his homework, and that this behavior is not appropiated and that if he continues with it he will tell the theacher.

Logan should tell his parents to help him handle it.

I think Logan should talk nicely to Jerry,and make him realize about his mistake.

Logan should tell him that it is not fair for him to do his homework.

If Jerry does not listen to Logan`s advice I think Logan should tell the teacher about the sitution.

I think Logan's teacher Logan and Jerry have to talk.

i think that just because jerry thinks he is big tough he is not. i think that when logan goes to school to talk to the princpal as soon as he gets there and tell her or him what jerry is making him do!

I think that he should tell the principal about Jerry and that he is forcing Logan to do his homework. Also that he will laugh at him if he doesn't. He is a bully to Logan.

i think if i were logane i would not do the homework and not pick on him

he should not do the homework

i think he should show the email to his teacher and tell the bully he has to do his own work andshould not pick on him if he is not smart

I think Logan nids to tell hes mom.Logan nids to tell a techer.He nids to tell Jerry to stop bullying.Lgan is not a bad person.Logan shod not help Jerry!!!!!

I think Logan should tell a grown up that he is getting bullied or a teacher plus its okay to get bullied just ignore them!

I think that he should not help him no mater the consequences.
I think he should tell his teacher.
I think he should tell his parents.
I think he should ignore the kids that laugh at him.
I think he should tell him that he does not care.

Logan should not do Jerry's science homework, because he will get in trouble. He should tell the teacher so they can punish Jerry for cheating.

I think that Logan should not do his homework and he can just tell a teacher that Jerry is doing bullyng to him because is unfare to him that Jerry is making him bullyng and do his homwork I would just tell anice teacher and I prefer that Jerry makes fun of him than making him do his homework even if they pay you dont do ther homeworke .

I think Logan should not do the homework. When Jerry makes fun of him he should say "The only reason he is doing this is because he told me that I have to do his homework or else he would do this." No one deserves to do extra homework.

1.He should tell Jerry not to bother him anymore.

2.He should tell his mother to help him.

3.He should ignore them and not do Jerry's homework.

4.He should tell the teacher that Jerry wants to cheet.

5.He should not be friends with the ones who tease him.

Ignore the people who will be making fun of him. He should not cheat. He should tell Jerry he's sorry but he needs to do it himself. He should tell Jerry's parents. He should say to Jerry, "can you make me another condition instead of cheat." He should move.

I will tell a teacher to send him to the principal.Logan should tell his parents about what Jerry is doing to him.Logan should stop Jerry.Logan could ignore Jerry.Logan should tell his friends to help him.

I think that Longan should not do Jerrys homework because it is cheating. I also think that if Logan do Jerry's homework he will get in trouble. If Logan does not do Jerry homework it doesnt matter if he gets embarresed because Logan knows that he did something good. Jerry will get a bad grade. Logan will not do Jerrys homework because Logan is responsible for his homework.

I think Jerry should . . .

1.He should tell his mother that he is getting bullied.

2.He should tell his teacher that Logan told him to do his homework and then maybe the teacher will talk with Logan.

3.Jerry should not pay attencion to Logan and if he embarress him I am sure the teacher should be there.

4.I think Jerry should talk with his teacher and with Logan about this situation.

5.I the above solutions don´t work, he should talk with the principal and with the counselor so they can help him.

I think that Logan shouldn't do Jerry's homework because Logan could get punished.Jerry would be cheating.Is Jerry's responsability to do his homework.Is not good to laugh at people.If I would be Logan I would ignored Jerry when he is laughing at me.

I think Logan should report this to the teacher. The teacher is always the best person to contact. He/she should tell Jerry that he has to do his homework by himself. If Logan dosen't want to do that he should at least tell his mom that someone wants him to do their homework. Logan should always remember that nobody can tell him what to do unless its his mother. He should stand up for himself

Logan should not do jerrys homework because it is not his homework.Logon should not tell the teacher he shouled let jerry lalf about him.Logan shoulde say no I dount want.Logon shouled say to his class he can not do his home work.Logon shouled send a letter to jerry that he sould make his home work.

I think Logan needs to say to the teacher what happen she she can solf the problem.If he do not say it to the teacher what happen Jerry will make fun of him and say it to the class.Logan can not do the homework of Jerry.He can get in to troble.Jerry neet to know how to do his homework.

We think Logan should tell the teacher. It is not good to do homework for other students.

he should tell his mother

I would ignore Jerry and STAND UP FOR MYAN SELF. That would make Jerry QUIET AND RESPECTFUL TO LOGAN.

I think that he should tell the teacher that someone's making him do his homework. I also think that he should tell his mom that someone is bullying him into cheating as well. No bully should tell you what to do, even if you get embarrassed by the bully. You should stick up for yourself and tell him that he's not going to be pushed around and he's not going to do what he says because no bully will control Jerry. And if he makes fun of him in class, then he does. You just deal with it and still feel good knowing you did the right thing.
He could do the work and not give the bully the satisfaction to make fun of him. Why should he be made fun of in front of the whole class. Maybe he is way too afraid of ruining his image. Maybe that's what he wants to keep from happening. his reputation shattered because you didn't do one
lousy paper.
I choose my first option. He should look past the whole situation of being made fun of and just stick up for yourself. What would you rather be known as. The wimp who gives in too easily, or the strong, assertive person who got made fun of, but still stood up for himself and stood up for what is right? Sometimes your image isn't everything. If I were Jerry, I would definitely not do his homework for him. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction knowing that he can control me with his bullying. So i would pick the second choice

I think jerry should tell his parents and his teacher plus the principal and mybe they would move logan to a new class room.

He should report Jerry to the head of the school.

He should not do it because next year Jerry is not going to be smart. Also it is always good to try.

I think jerry is a bully and logan should tell his famliy.

i think that logan should tell his parents that jerry is a bully

I think he should answer all the questions wrong and then forward the email to the teacher to prove what happened.

i think he should tell a adult bacause jerry being mend and i would not do the homework f jerry i had a friend so i call her she was all way cope me and allway play but i said no one day she told me that ''ooh well there a test comething up and well help me cope out of your paper''. ''I don't now'' so then i told the teacher and she had a talk too her and i move to a other table that day the test came i never herd from that girl ever agin.

I think that Logan should tell Jerry that he is going to do his homework for him BUT then NOT do it and when Jerry starts making fun of Logan that Logan should join in with Jerry in making fun of himself, that way the whole class and Jerry will lose interest...INSTANTLY!

I think that Logan should print the message and tell his teacher then ask if it is ok to just help him.

First of all, Jerry is a bully. So Logan should not help Jerry. And Logan should say to Jerry, if you want me to do that, I will tell the teacher.

Logan should tell someone about it but not let jerry know about doesn't matter if he makes fun of him because you have are brave and you are you no matter what

logan should tell an adlut .

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