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Scholastic News Sticky Situation • April 5, 2010


Julisa's mom surprises her with a sweater that she knit herself. It took Julisa's mom weeks to make it. Julisa appreciates her mom's effort, but she thinks the sweater is ugly. Julisa doesn't want to wear the sweater, but she also doesn't want to hurt her mom's feelings. What should Julisa do?

Scroll down to the space provided, and write a paragraph explaining what you think Julisa should do.

Other Scholastic News readers will be posting their thoughts about this week's ethical dilemma, too. So come back to the Sticky Situation blog to discuss their solutions!

she sould tell her mom that she likes the sweeter just sonshe dont hert her moms feelings and she can just wear it so her mom can know that she likes the sweeter then when she gets tiered of weari ng it she can just let it out and tell her mom how she feels about the sweeter and then tell her mom that she is soory for hurting her feelings

Julsia should thank her mother and make suggetions on how the sweater could look better. She should say that she likes it very much but also say what should be changed. But in a nice tone.

I think she should tell her mom that she doesnt really like the sweater instead of lying to her. She doesn`t have to straight up like i hate this shirt she can say it nicer.

She should tell her mom that she's happy that her mom did this for her but that she does'nt want to hurt her fellings but she does'nt realy like it.

I would say that I don't like the sweater because I it looks bad

Julsu shoud tell the truth to her mother.

For the people who say to just wear the sweater would be dishonest. Be kind about it. She will have a way of figuring out if you like it or not. If you tell her you like it just to make her happy you are lying to her. It will be even harder to tell her the truth once you know you have lied to her.

I think that Julisa should wear the sweater because her Mom is effort in making it is more powerful than everyone making fun of her at school. I think that because if my Mom wasn't living then I wouldn't be living too. So Julisa should bear the embarrsent from everyone and let her Mom be proud and happy of her work. That is my answer. Please agree with me.

i think she should tell the truth and make it all better some how

i think she sould tell her mom the truth that would make her mom feel better to know the truth

Julisa should tell her mom that she didn't like it and her mom will say yes. her mom will make her a new one that julisa likes it

wear it on the weekends at home!!!

She should tell her mom that she loves that it came from her. Also she should ask her mom if she could only wear it around the house, and add that she doesn't want to ruin it.

I think Julisa should tell her mom the truth. My mom is never mad when I tell the truth.

i think she should take it off when she goes to scool and put it back on when she goes back home..............................................................

Julisa should pretend she spilled something on it by accident and then she should tell her mom sorry, i don't want to wear this anymore.

u should tell her the truth the truth hurts

I think Jullissa should wear the sweater to school and just ignore anybody who who says that the sweater is ugly. Myself, i think the sweater is awesome.

She should just wear it!!

I think Julia should tell her mom she likes it.Then before school put on your favorite shirt then your sweater show your mom that you are walking to school with it.Once you have reached the next street you take the sweater of and hide it in your bag. Just be sure that you remember to put it on before your mom sees you again.

Julisa should tell her mom,"Could I talk to you? I just wanted to say that I should wear this another time, I just don't want to wear it today o.k.?" If Julisa's mom says,"No, I think you should wear it today!" If that's a problem then Julisa can say," Mom just please let me wear it another day."

I don't like the sweater that you gave me.

I think Julisa should just tell her mom what she thinks about the sweater I think her mom will understand.

i would only wear it on summer breack and not during school and i would hope noboody i knew from school would see me.

i think she should juz say: look mom i dnt wanna hurt your feelinqs but i dnt like the sweater and i know you made it fro weeks but i juz dont like it. im sorry mom but i cant wear it. please dont be mad at me. im so sorry mom. thatz wat she should sayy

thank her and only wear it around the house.


Julisa should just tell her mom the truth,say thanks but i don't like and maybe her mom will understand.

If she truly loves her mom, she'll wear it to school. It's only one day.

I think Julisa should only wear the sweater in front of her mother, and not wear the sweater were she does'nt want to wear it.

I think Julisa should just go where on one of those wackytacky days or something like that, so she's wearing in public, while everyone's thinking it's a costume.

tell on your mom thanx but i dont want it, and just give it to someone else

I think she should tell her mom that she is thankful for her sweater.....but she does not like it so much!!!!!

I think that Julisa should where it to school with a shirt under it so when her mom drops her off or when shes at school she should go in the bathroom and take the sweat shirt off so she just has the shirt on and then when shes about to leave put the sweat shirt back on so that when her mom comes to pick her up or when she gets to her house her mom will think that she was wearing the ugly sweater all day long and then her mom will have to wash the sweater so she wont have to wear it for a while. Thats what I think Julisa should do.

I think that she should where the sweater to school with a shirt under it and then when her mom leaves she should take the ugly sweater off and then she will have the shirt that she had under the ugly sweater on and then when her mom picks her up she should put the sweater back on so that her mom will think that she wore the sweater all day long.

Julisa should tell kindly to her mom, "Mom, I don't like this dress. But don't worry, I will wear it!!!!!!"

I believe she should first tell her mother the trueth but also tell her mom that she does apprecheate it

she should tell her mom the truth her mom would appreciate her to tell her the truth then lie

I think she should tell her mom the truth cause no one really likes a lire and " honesty is the best policy"

she should tell her mom the truth, because if she do not it will still hurt her mom feelings.

tell your mom nicely that you like it . but hate it in a way.i know how you fell because it happped to me. :) :] :> :'

SPEAK YOUR MIND! Tell your mom you don't really like it. We're sure she will understand. Tell her nicely so she understands.

we think that she should only wear the shirt on special occasions or for her birthday. because none of her friends would be with her and she wouldnt be embaressed because her family members wouldnt laugh at her.

She should tell her mom that she loves the time and effort she put into the sweater but say the sweater is not her style and say it is very fancy and only wear it on special occassions

I think julisa should just do the wrigth thing and tell her mom that she appreciate her making the sweater for her but she just dont like it and she would appreciate it if she didn't wear to school.

she should tell the truth if she doesn't want to hurt her moms feeling by saying the truth she should wear the sweater.who cares what someone says about the sweater!its something her mom made her.she should love it no matter what anyone says about the sweater.its something someone special made for her so she shouldn't care about how it looks,what someone says about it because its something really special to her made by someone special.

She should tell her mom she doesn't like it. I have seen other comments about wearing it for one day. What would happen next? Leave it in her closet? What if her mom finds out? Julisa would have to start wearing it. Or she would tell a lie. Holding a lie in hurts. It makes you feel horrible. It makes you feel like someone is pulling out your heart. Purity of the heart can make you feel great. Noone wants to have something weighing you down. Sometime you'll have to say it.Stress can happen. Sometimes what seems is the worst thing can become good. You just need to find out the way. Julisa should just tell her mom.

i think you should wear the sweater, who cares if its ugly. i have gotten a lot of things from my mom that i didn't like and i wore it at school. And if u dont want to do this tell your mom that you didn't really like the sweater that she made you, and tell her you really loved how she spent all her time making that sweater for you , next time say that she doesn't need to make anything for you and ask her if you can choose your clothes

Please tell your Mom the truth Julisa

Just wear it around the house where no one will see a few times so her mother can tell that she apprechiated it.

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