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Scholastic News Sticky Situation • March 1, 2010

Kyra_LgNoCrop Alexis plays the tuba in the school band, and she really enjoys it. Recently, she also joined the cheerleading squad. Some of the cheerleaders tease Alexis about playing the tuba. They think the tuba is not cool. Alexis wants the other girls to like her, but she also wants to continue playing the tuba. What should Alexis do?

Scroll down to the space provided, and write a paragraph explaining what you think Alexis should do.

Other Scholastic News readers will be posting their thoughts about this week's ethical dilemma, too. So come back to the Sticky Situation blog to discuss their solutions!

She should conince the girls that the tuba is cool by playing something that sounds cool.

Alexis shold keep playing the tuba and not argue with her friends. Her friends had no reason to make fun of her because tuba, although its big, its one of the main instruments in the band.

I think that Alexis should tell her friends that it upsets her when they talk about her tuba playing because she really enjoys it. And if they keep it up, she can still stay in cheerleading and tuba but not talk to those girls.

Just ignore them!!

Alexis should continue playing the tuba and not play the tuba during cheerleading. If Alexis does listen to the other cheerleaders then she could ask them to try playing the tuba.

I think Alexis should tell an adult that these girls are teasing her. The girls might get in big trouble from their parents. They might not ever go to the Cheerleading Squad.

If she really has a passion for playing the tuba, she would continue it and get the girls to like her in a different way. And if it doesnt work out, then ignore them. there are plenty of other girls in the school.

She should report the girls that are teaseing her and keep playing the tuba she should ignor them.....


Alexis should keep playing the tuba. She should ignore the ones who are teasing her, or tell the other girls to keep quiet and signal to stop.

I think that she should continue being on the squad but make friends with other cheerleaders and if she want to continue playing the tuba then she should. my personal opinion is that the cheerleaders are right about saying the tuba is uncool but they shouldn't laugh and talk about her because that is also uncool.

I think Alexis should ignore what they say. If she wants friends, she should get some who don't talk about her.

she should find a differen friend and keep playing the tuba.


i think she should ignor the other cheerleaders and play the tuba and do what she wants to do and follow her heart

The girls are just jealous that she can be herself and not really care what they say. She should just keep her head up and ignore them.

you should keep playing tuba , and just because your friends don't like the tuba KEEP PLAYING

She should follow her dreams and her heart!!

she should ignore them.
maybe there are jealous that they cant play the tuba and she can!!!!

i think she should tell the girls to stop their "Mean Girls" actt. && ecept her the way she is. She can play the tuba if she wants. it's not their lifeee. Geezz. :(

I think she should keep on doing what she does.If she likes it she shouldn't care about what anybody else says.

She souldnt care what they think if she wants to play the tuba then she can play it all she wants. everybody has their different likings in things. do do something just cause its cool do it because you want to

She shouldn't care about what they say. If they make fun of her why should she want to be friends with them? She should go with other friends that like her for who she is.

i think that alexis should stop worrying about the other girls and play the tuba. she should show her talent not worry about some girls who make fun of her

i think she should tell them that she really wants to be their friends but she still wants to play the tuba..,and if they can ecept that...!!!!!!!!!

i think she should tell them to stop teasig her and i think she should tell them find out something about them then tease them

i think she should quit cheerleading and should not listen what other people think about her also keep playing the tuba.

I happen to be a cheerleader and I have some friends who HATE cheerleaders but I'm an acception because I told them how I felt an now we're cool,so tell them how you feel.

Alexis should tell the cheerleaders to not make fun of her. It's not Alexis's fault she loves to play the tuba. She should also tell the teacher that the Cheerleaders are making fun of her. If the cheerleaders make fun of her and don't act like friends, then that means they are not real friends.

i think that she should keep playing the tuba

Ignore the friends, and step being friends with them.

Create a band outside of school.

Prive them wrong, and get really good at the tuba.

Quit cheerleading because the girls are mean.

Join a music class, and ignore the girls. The more she ignores them, the less they will want to make fun of her.

She should play the tuba, and ignore the girls.

Tell the girls that she really likes the tuba, and that they shoudl leave her alone/

I think she shoed tell the other girls if they were
plaing some tipe of insterament and every wone else was laughing at them then they would no waht
it feels like.

Do what you love. Don't stop, because people are putting you down there is no point. That's there problem. Keep working hard and reach your goals. You never know the children that put you down might even take back what they said!

if you like both you can make other freinds no matter what they say i think the tuba is cool

i think that she should be on the cheerleading squad. then she could ask her mother to buy her a tuba.or she shouldn't care about what the other girls least she got friends.

I think Alexis should keep playing the tuba because that,s their opinon and everybodys going to have a opion all your life,so don,t let that get to you

When you like something that your friends don't you'll have to tell them that if they think it is funny enough to make fun of then you can not be their friends. If you really had a true friend then they'd respect your hobbies instead of hurting your feelings.

She should tell her friends to stop it. Also, she should say that maybe some of the cheerleaders plays an instrument s why are you piking on me?

she should keep on playing her tuba and tell the other girls that, that is what she likes and wants to do.

i think that alexis should bring some of her other friends that are good at the tuba and have them play in front of the girls that made fun of her.

i think Alexis should keep o doing what she wants and tell someone. CAUSE BULLIES ARE SO NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SOMEONE SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO GET THEM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not in a mean way

I think Alexis should tell them that the tuba is really fun for her and that she has other friends that can back her up on it.

i think that the cheerleaders shouldn't gain up on alexis just because she is play an instrument that they dont like and i mean they dont even play a cool instrument and when they be really mean to she/he carma is going to go to him

don't play around those girls

i think she should stand up to the girls in a nice way and tell them how fun playing the tuba is.

alexis should tell them to stop teasing her. if anybody teases you dont act sad because they will think they can keep doing it to you and have control. no body should tell you what you should like or not. here is my tip... STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!

i think cheerleading is fun and tuba if the cheerleaders don't like tuba they should stay away from her.And they shouldn't tease Alex.

Alexis should ignore the cheerleaders and keep playing the tuba an cheerleading!

alexis should follow her heart she shouldnt listen to the cheerleaders she should not listen to them and cheer if she wants to and play the tube if she wants to. the cheerleaders dont know that people could become famous or talented when they play and instrument in the band

Dont worry about it cheerleaders are complete weirdos aleast most of them just ingnore it and say watever you're not cool like me people that play in the band turn out to be smart talented and may even become famous.

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