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Scholastic News Sticky Situation • January 25, 2010

SN_stickysits_012510 Xavier’s teacher introduces Eric, a new student, to the class. Eric is from another country. His clothes and way of speaking are different from the rest of his new classmates’. At lunch, Eric sits alone. Xavier notices that. But many of Xavier’s classmates think Eric is weird because of his clothes and the way he talks. What should Xavier do?

Write a paragraph explaining what you think Xavier should do in the "Post a comment" section below.

Other Scholastic News readers will be posting their thoughts about this week's ethical dilemma, too. So come back to the Sticky Situation blog to discuss their solutions!


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i think he should sit next to eric because its nice to know someone who is different . so who cares if he is different we are all diferent

I think that he should just egore them and go away.

I think Xavier should forget about those mean classmates and go sit with Eric so he can feel welcomed to the new country and school hes at.

He should ask him if he wants him to sit by him he should be his own person and do whats right not what other kids are doing

I think xsavier should tell his freinds to stop talking about eric behind his back becase that is rude and direspectful also that is just plain mean but eric shouldent listen to thoese people he should be proud of the way he looks and talks that is what makes him unique!

I think Xavier should sit with Eric. If the other students tease him, he should ignore them or stare at them like a HUNGRY ANIMAL and say, "Stop the DRAMA!!!"


i think xavier should go sit with eric. and if the other clasmates start teasing xavier since he is sitting with eric go over to them and tellthem to be nice to him because it's good to be nice to the new student. also tell them how would you feel if you were eric, laughing at you, teasing you. that should make them stop! now xavier has his and eric's problem solved!!!

i think xavier should ask eric to be his friend who cares if someone teases you be nice!


I think that Xavier should sit with Eric no matter who picks or thinks that somebody weird i wouldnt care people always talk about me doesnt bother so why should it bother Xavier

I think he should sit by him and become his friend since Eric doesn't have any friends.


I think xavier should sit whith Erik because it doesnt matter how people talk or dress it only matters how they are in the inside it also doesnt matter what your frinds think.

Sit with someone new. no matter what people say. Think about it. Think how bad it feels that on his or her first day of school he is not making friends people are making fun of him and no one likes him. How would you feel is you where him? Bad, upset right. There is all ways room to have a new friend.

i think he should sit next to eric and welcome him to the school.

he should seat by him no mater what they the other people say about it .if they laugh at him he can say you are no better then leave me and the eric alone.

He should say be quiet who cares if hes from another country

I think he should sit with him and don't the other kids any attention. He should be the bigger person.

i would sit next to him and make him happy and I and i wouldn't care what the other people would say.

I think they should sit with her and be her friend and stop being mean

i think xavior should tell his friends that even though he is from another country they should still be able to make friends with him. like teach him english

sit next to him

xavier should tell a teacher about this.

He can tell them that people speak different

i think he should ask eric if he could sit with him. you could start off by telling a joke or something funny. eric is the same as us. he might speak different and dress different but he is the same. so my final answer is go sit with him.

Xavier should ask Eric to sit with him. Also Xavier should tell his friends to be nice to Eric

he should sit with eric and get to know him. he should also stop the other kids from teasing eric

Honestly I Wouldnt Tease On SomeOnes Religion So Id Go With Erik And Because You Can Totally Discover Things Where He Use To Live

I think Xavier should just sit by Eric,and if he gets teased,Xavier should tell the principal

well you shouldent make of poeople for who they are as a human being . well they are like bullies know. how do you know that the kid does not know how to fight . just invite him to your table and you could see he might be a real nice guy

i think axavier should go sit with Eric and he should not care if he gets made fun of

Carolyn T :hey dont judge a guy because of his religion
those peeps r just soooooooo wrong because they are popular like soooooooooo mean popular people are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You r so right.u should be a counsler

See people like you listen to other people you and your friends really need a reality check because if your really a nice guy you should be nice and sit by him at lunch. Dont listen to what the other people say.

I think that Xavier should sit with Eric no matter what his friends think of him.

Xavier should tell his friends and classmates to stop picking on eric or he just won't be frinds with his friends no more or he will tell the teacher on his classmates then everytime when eric is sitting alone at luchtime xavier should sit with eric.

Xavier should ignore what those other people say and get to make friends and actually know Eric. If Xavier's classmates make fun of Eric, Xavier should stand up for Eric and try to tell his classmates that what they're thinking is wrong. If they don't change, they don't change. Eric and Xavier don't have to deal with that stuff. They'll just have to ignore them.

xavier should ask the new kid if he would want to be his friend and sit at his table.

Xavier should tell them to not make fun of him because he is still a person with real feelings so maybe he should sit with him.

I think Xavier should sit next to him and talk to him. I think he should be friends with him.

I think xavier should go and sit with him and try to talk to him.

I think Xavier should ignore what his friends think and make friends with Eric

I think Xavier should be friends with Eric and sit by him. It doesn't matter how he dresses or eats or the way he talks he should be his friend and not make fun of him. Xavier should not make fun of Eric he should be his friend. Xavier should learn more things about him like his culture and explain to others so they don't make fun of him anymore and then all of them can be friends.

i think xavier should sit next to eric remember this before doing something treat other people how you would like to be treated

I think Xavier should not care what his other friends think if he sits with Eric. He should sit with Eric and make him feel good.

I think Xavier should be friends with Eric so Eric will have at least one friend.

Xavier should tell Eric to come and sit with them. If his friends don't like him or know him than I think that Xavier should tell them that they don't know Eric that well and to give him a chance.

he should say leave me alone.

I think Xavier should talk to Eric.It doesn't matter where your from?,or who you are?,or what race?,or what religion?,or what country your from?.All it matters is your just the same as everybody.Nobody is not perfects, so i think Xavier should sit next to Eric and become friends with him.

well everybody thinks xavier should sit with eric but i think xavier should tell eric to hang out with him and xaviers friends if xaviers friends dont like eric then to bad

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