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Retail Results

This month, 13 two-person teams from across the country competed in the fifth annual DemandTec Retail Challenge Grand Championship in New York City. It is a scholarship competition for high school seniors with the goal to get students excited about math and science. The winners were Eric Rosenthal and Xiyu Wang from Fayetteville-Manlius High School in Manlius, New York. "I think a lot of our success comes from how well our teachers prepared us," Xiyu told us. The teams had to think like store owners and come up with strategies to maximize profits--to bring in more money than was spent. Let's say you are managing a store that sells T-shirts. If you order 30 shirts at $8 each and sell them for $15 each, how many would you have to sell to make a profit?

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You'd have to sell at least 17 of the shirts to make a profit. (If you sold 16, you'd "break even"--earn as much as you spent.

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