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Run to the Sun

This mission will be hot stuff! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that by 2018 they will launch a probe that will go closer to the Sun than any previous mission. The Solar Probe Plus hopes to learn two major things: Why the Sun's atmosphere is hotter than its surface, and what causes the solar wind which affects Earth. The spacecraft won't get too close—it will still be about 4 million miles away from the Sun. But even at that distance, it will need to withstand very hot temperatures. How hot? Just solve this expression using the correct order of operations: 325 x (4.3 + 3.7). That will tell you the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit that the Solar Probe Plus must be ready to face!

2600 degrees F

Correct answer! Joyce is our Winner of the Week! Congrats.

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