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NYC Mathletes Compete

This past Saturday, more than 500 middle-school students from all over New York City took part in the 2010 AMS Pi5NY Math Tournament. Teams of 5 students from the same school and grade had 45 minutes to solve as many problems as possible from a provided set. (Editor Jack from MATH Magazine was one of the judges.) The clock counted down as motivational music blasted from the speakers, the spectators in the stands cheered, and the giant "Pi-ñata" hung overhead. Trophies and medals were awarded to the highest-scoring teams at each grade level, but every student did a great job at the action-packed event. Try one of the 500-point questions from the tournament: Keshan received a new bike for his birthday with huge tires that have an 11-inch radius. What is the minimum number of complete revolutions each tire would need to do for Keshan to ride his bike 100 yards?