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Featured Book Review • April 12, 2010


Reviewed by Scholastic News reader Natalie K. of Kentucky

If you like stories with adventure and detectives, then Chasing Vermeer is the book for you!

This novel by Blue Balliett is about two sixth-grade students who become friends on a trip to a museum. When a famous painting is mysteriously stolen, the two friends go on an adventure to find it, piecing together clues left by the thief.

Will they solve the puzzle and find the painting? Read the book to find out!

misterys and adventures who wants more from a book!!


that the book sounds good and it might just be the story for me

I would not read it

i think that it might be good because i like misterys.

I think it would be an interesting book

sounds ok not my type of book

I don't like detectives much, but I read adventure all the time. It might be good!

that book sound great because mistery books are one of my favorite!!!!


I'm not a big fan of detectives but I love adventure. I might try it! =I

To be fairly honest, I am not very interested in this book, at least by reading the details that were given. It may be interesting, but with the discription of the book so far, it doesn't feel like it has a good connection with me. It does not feel like the type book that will catch my atttention.

This book sounds very interesting and adventourous i'll think about reading it.

It sounds like an interesting book because of all the mysteries going on. I would really enjoy reading that story.

I don't think this book is for me. I'm not big on mysterey stories. I like horror books more.

The book sounds interesting.

I think this book sounds very exiting. Personally, I love mystery books, and the fact that they are in sixth grade makes it all the better.

This book sounds interesting. I might go find it the library.

I like to read mystery books because they always have shocking endings. This book sounds very interesting.

This book sounds like something that I would see in a library, and have to check it out.

I remember reading this book in the fifth grade. I read a couple chapters, but honestly, I got bored reading it. I'm more interested in dramatic, romantic, and fantasy books. Every now and then, I'll look into a mystery book, but not often.

This book sounds like something I'd find in my bookcase. It sounds good and I'd like to read it.

That sounds interesting. I'll check it out!

I only like adventure but it will be a good book for me to read and discover what detectives are.

This book sounds interesting.My mother genuinely likes these types of books!

This book sounds interesting and adventurous.

I'm going to get it as soon as I can.

The book sounds o.k it's not that good but not that bad but to me it is boring.

I have read this and it sounded instersing but it wasn't that good.

I personally think this book or story sounds boring and it needs a twist.

I think that if i where them i would try to find the missing famous painting to bring back im sure somebody would love to have it back.

it sounds like an interestinq story!!!i wonder where you can find the book!!??hmmmm..

I think that the book sounds interesting.

I love reading mystery books and think it would be a great choice to read. It sounds like a great book to read. :)

It doesnt sound good

i have read the book and i really liked it i actually plan on finishing the series

I have read this book already and its really great. You guys should read it. It's also a mystery to something.

i think they will solve the puzzle and find the painting and i think the novel sound good it's interreting.

Sounds good! :-)

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