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Featured Book Review • March 15, 2010

This review is by Scholastic News Reader Lexi Cornell, Scholastic Kid Reporter

Can girls and boys stay friends? That is the question explored in The Trouble With Rules by Leslie Bulion. Nadie and Nick have been friends forever, but when they start fourth grade, they discover that boys and girls have a tough time staying friends. When Summer Crawford, a new girl, comes to their classroom, the rules change.

Nadie doesn’t trust Summer at first, and for good reason. The author describes why with funny and sometimes gross details. I’m in fourth grade and this book has all the ups and downs that fourth- graders go through every day. Nadie’s mom says it best: “Everyone figures out this growing up thing their own way.”

I loved reading the book. It was hilarious!

I would love to read it.I am a trouble maker.I hope I could get it!!!!!!

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