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Featured Book Review • March 1, 2010


This review is by Scholastic News Reader Sarah C. from New York

The Haunting of Hillside School

Do you like mysteries? Do you like scary things? If you do, The Haunting of Hillside School (Cabin Creek Mysteries) by Kristiana Gregory is a perfect book for you.

The mystery begins right away when cousins Claire and David think they see a girl’s face appear and disappear outside a window of the spooky Hillside School. The cousins set out to investigate. Is the school really haunted? Read the book to find out!

very very good book

hey i would love not to read this book

it looks like a good book becuase i like mysterys:)

this book looks good.This book looks sweet i would like to read it some day

we wold like to read this book because we like books like this who ever you are you are a good book person

the book looks awesome!!!!!!!

i love haunting books too!:)

I like mysteries so i bet i would like it and it looks good to i would like to read it!

i would like it .

sweet book

This book looks good!

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