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Featured Book Review • February 1, 2010

This review is by Scholastic News Reader Dana F. from New Mexico.

Do you like cats or talking animals? Then Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha: Into the Woods is the book for you!

This book is about the adventures of a cat named Sasha. Sasha was abandoned by her owners. She wanders into the woods and befriends Tigerstar, leader of the Shadow Clan of cats. Sasha wonders if she can leave her old life behind and join his clan. But Tigerstar is secretive. Should Sasha trust him?

i think it was a good story....................................

BEST BOOK EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR////////////////////////////////////////

i love that book!!!!!!!!! AMAZING I'm on the second syirse twilight good so far .

best series eva!!

the book is very nice and good details and good main ideas because i like how they go from one part to another but get back to the other part and stay at the same main idea so this is a very nice book!

Please read this is the best book ever!!

I Like Firestar

Really good series

I love the warriors series it is the bets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, i <3 <3 <3 warriors series!

I have 10 dogs how cool is that.

BYE ,:) HI

I LOVE CATS SO I think you do to do you?

Ilove cats so I think I will love the book don't you?

wow talking cats now that sounds like somthing i would read :)

so awsome.need it.


i think it would be a good book

Tigerstar and Sasha: Into the Woods is AMAZING! I really love, and reccomend this book to anyone out there, along with the rest of the Warriors series! (I have read them all!)

i read this book and Tigerstars seacret take out all four clans

this looks like a good book to read ,it also sounds realy cool.

NO,I have read all the warriors first searis I'm on the second I think the warrior chapter book into the wild is beter then the graph/maga altho I like them all!

Sounds really good and interesting! I once had a puppy that me and my mom took from an abandoned apartment. Our puppy was so cute I cannot believe that someone would leave that cute puppy in an abandoned apartment.

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