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Texting Teen

Last week, 13-year-old Brianna Hendrickson from Brooklyn, New York won the LG U.S. National Texting Championship, beating out 500,000 other texters. By typing the phrase, “Old McDonald had a farm, Ei, ei, oh! And on this farm he had a champ. W/a textr here, and BFF there. Here a text, there a text, erywhere a text-text!” in 60 seconds, she won $50,000! She also will have a chance to win another $50,000 for charity at the LG Text For Good Challenge. Brianna had a lot of practice for the competition. She sends about 7,000 texts a month! On average, how many texts did she send a day in the month of August? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

On average, Brianna sent about 226 texts a day in August. (That's more than MATH editor Jack sends in an entire month!)

The caption contest for this photo is closed.