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January 21, 2009

Fun Things We Saw

Inauguration-Opening-Ceremony-Christiana-Pinkwomenpeace --A group of about 10 people standing over a grate in the middle of 12th Street that was blasting heat up from the underground. Hair and scarves were blowing, but faces were shining, and feet were thrawing.

--More Obama memorabilia than anyone ever thought possible. Obama breath mints anyone?

--Four flags stuck in a collection of empty soda bottles on a cafeteria table in the history museum. A makeshift table decoration put together by super tired Obama supporters who kept toasting each other with their styrofoam drinkiing cups.

--Side streets from the National Mall entirely filled with people flowing like sluggish water from the National Mall to anyplace else that might have a restroom or food or warmth after the ceremonies were completed.

--Two million people getting along and being happy despite the lack of basic creature comforts. Everyone was friends on inauguration day. That's America.

PHOTO: Mixing politics, policy, and pink were members of the Pink Ladies, a group that advocates peace around the world. They are also against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as this member of the group explained to Kid Reporter Christiana Dillard during the inaurguration ceremonies in Washington, D.C., January 20, 2009. (Photo Courtesy Christiana Dillard)



i thinkl this is really helpful kinda well thinks anyway be bye :D :] !!!!!


obama breath mints? that's a bit ridiculous don't you think lol


i think you guys are awesome and i shows on how hard you work to get fans to pay attention. without you, i would be very confused with the democrates and the republicans. thank you so much and rock on!!!


President Obama's speech was really moving. I really think that he will do a good job being president.


we watched some of the Inauguration and swearing in. The whole school was watching President Obama being sworn in and lots more after that. we were watching it for like an hour!


Do you think they would have did this if McCain was in this position?


I glad that Obama is an African-American presidenet because it shows that America has become a better nation, that fewer people are racist and that we can have a difference. Also that people believe a change is needed and say that Obama is perfect for the job.


now you are thinking lol

i love obama

your friend,

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