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November 04, 2008

Bright Skies in Chicago

Gettyltwo89944383306963mc009obama_2 By Allie Sakowicz

I’m at the Obama Election Night Party at Grant Park in Chicago. It’s about 7:30 p.m. and the place is starting to fill up. It’s not just supporters either.  There are thousands of reporters here from all over the world. I’ve them speaking Russian, French, almost every language.

The weather is perfect. It’s 75 degrees and a clear night. The park has a terrific view of the Chicago skyline, which is lit up in red, white and blue. . Everywhere you look there is something about the election on the buildings.
Big TVs are blasting all around us so we can hear what’s going on as the states start counting the votes. .

The level of excitement is incredible and it’s still early. There is still 5 to 6 hours to go before Obama is expected to show up and speak. But no one minds. They are all thrilled to be here.

“It’s so cool to play my part in making history,” said Olivia LaVecchia, 26, from Chicago.

I also met a 14 year old from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Marty Levin, who is in the 8th said she was planning to stay as long as it takes to find out who the next President is.

“I think he (Obama) will win and when he does I know he’s going to keep the promises that he made in his campaign,” she said.

Patti Kurtz, an office manager from Tinley Park, Illinois, talked about the need for  change. “It’s a welcome surprise that people are finally realizing the need for change in this country,” she said. “It (this election) will change everything.”

PHOTO: Supporters of Democratic U.S. presidential nominee
Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) gather in the non-ticket holder area of Grant Park
where later tonight Sen. Obama is to address an election night rally on November 4, 2008 in Chicago,
Illinois. Credit: ©Photo by Michal Czerwonka/Getty Images/NewsCom



I can just feel the excitement in your story, wish I were there.


Great article,make me wish I was there to experience History in the making.

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