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November 04, 2008

At the Polls in Georgia

Dsc00574 By Taylor Keaton

When I arrived at the doors of the Sharon Forks Library in Forsyth County, Georgia, I noticed that there were very few people there.  Gary Smith the director of the polling station told me that 78 percent of the people were expected to vote at this location. 

Later, I met up with Cirk, one of the people at the polls.  He is the “Exit Poll” interviewer.   He said the place was very calm and quiet. 

Some people had the wrong directions and had to be directed to the right locations.  He also stated that about 50 percent of people voted early. This could explain the low turn out.  However, Cirk also mentioned that the turnout this year was much higher than in 2000 and 2004.   

A while later, I met with some voters including a woman named Dawn Reyes.  She is a strong Democrat and supports Senator Obama.  She emphasized these words: “We need to get our economy in shape!!”  Dawn just moved from California two years ago and this is her first time voting in the state of Georgia.  Dawn also mentioned that “we need change.”

Next, I interviewed Lori Thwaits.  Lori and I discussed that this election is of great consequence and people really need to vote.  She is a supporter for John McCain. 

Lori states that Senator McCain is more knowledgeable about war issues, which she  says is the most important issue.  Although she still likes Senator Obama, she thinks he doesn’t have enough experience. 

Then, I found a woman named Rudy who had just voted. She seemed extremely excited and said, “This is the time to vote. We all need to support our candidates.”  That’s why she voted for Senator John McCain she said. She’s very fond of his “conservative principles.”

After listening to Ms. Rudy and her philosophies, I met Mr. Seneque Santil.  He informed me that this was his first time voting. Through his thick African accent, he shared why this election is very important. One major issue that he wants to see resolved is our country’s current financial situation. “They need to have a great plan,” he said. \

Lastly, I met with Mrs. Sndell.  “This election is very significant," she said. "It depends on how the country is running for our economy.”  Mrs. Sndell is a supporter of Senator Barrack Obama.  She believes he will lead Americans with victory and pride.  Well, we will have to see, but for whoever wins let them lead our country successfully!

PHOTO: Cirk, an exit poll interviewer, is interviewed by Kid Reporter Taylor Keaton. (Photo courtesy Taylor Keaton)


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