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August 25, 2008

Our Tour of the Media Set-up

By Rylee Domann

Today,  15,oo0 media members have joined together at the Democratic Convention in Denver Colorado. My brother Brock and I are two of them.

Today we toured the Pepsi Center and got a behind-the-scene look at NBC's media set-up. We were able to wander around the back halls and basement of the center to see where all the real work takes place.

We also got to step out into the audience to watch some of the speeches. It was so cool!

One thing I noticed were the millions of wires, computers, and hardworking people that it takes to make all this happen. We learned a lot of really cool stuff we can't tell you because it's "TOP SECRET" media information.

We watched the producers of NBC direct all the TV shots from a tiny NBC trailer in a parking lot. Let me tell you... they work very hard!

We are working out of the NBC media tent, where there is a "ginormus" screen suspended from the ceiling, and plenty of T.V.'s. When I say "ginormous" I mean the size of a wall. A big wall. The really neat thing about the screen is that there is a back to it. It's a reverse view of what you see in the front.

There is a general media tent too and we toured there as well, collecting commemorative pins from all the media organizations. 

One thing neat about the press center, is that it is in a tent built with wooden floors on a parking lot. It was built around trees and bushes, so it's like the outside is inside. Desks and computers were set up right next to trees. The trees are even beginning to loose their leaves.

We  feel very priveleged to have this oppurtunity and were glad to get to share our experiences with you.

Tuning out now to hear the Michelle Obama Speech. More of that later.


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