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June 01, 2008

Ask the Kid Reporters

El08_sfallin_mccain_012808 Kid Reporters are on the campaign trail talking to the presidential candidates and sending in their stories and pictures.

What's it like out there? What do you want to know about being a kid reporter? Now's the time to ask! Kid reporters will answer your questions here!



HOw do i become a kid Reporter


When you are a reporter do you ever get to meet the presidents,or the Canadates?


wow the elections are long but its going by fast


who do you think should be the prresident of the united states


There needs be student representatives in Washington to voice the needs of America's future leaders.
Does anyone know who the students should contact in regards to this?


Who do you believe should win the election?


I wonder if Obama is going to win. In most kids voting ballots, it seems like he always wins. I want him to win but it all depends on what the adults say.


Barak Obama is AWESOME!!HE should win the election and become the first african american president


mccain is running a nasty campaighn


I think Obama will handle the issues well. I hope Obama is our next president.


OBAMA IS THE BEST + his campaighn isn't nasty like McCain's

Mrs. Hotlunch

John Mc Cain has bad policies. Go BArack!

How do you become a reporter?


Do u like being a kid reporter and do u think McCain will win


How do you know that what BArack Obama is saying what he is going to do


Obama for President!


BaRaCk RoX mY sOx


the wierd thing about this elections was that obama was doing so well, but then mccain and him are a tie now!!!=(


wow the election is really coool


he always would do what he says because he is understanding and is very trust worthy

Julian and Rafey

I wanna be a kid reporter kk?


i wonder what kind of doggie the obamas will get...


Obama for President!! Barack my world =)


Barack Obama is the best choice for 2008. HE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama actually has ads that are not productive towards his campaign. John McCain only attacks Obama and doesn't make his campaign look good. SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA GET TO THE POLLS AND VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!

dinesh and dhruv

hi vote obama bye

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