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Can I Read Your Diary?

During the last 10 years of her life, artist Frida Kahlo kept a diary expressing her pain and private thoughts. Kahlo never meant to share the very personal and emotional diary entries with anyone else. She wrote them for herself alone.

After her death, people wanted to know more about Kahlo's life. That's when the diary was published. Some people feel that reading the diary is an invasion of Kahlo's privacy. Others think it helps them to understand the artist more fully.

Is it OK to publish an artist's private diary after his or her death?

Opening up talented artists diaries helps us understand what went through their minds. It helps us realize why they drew what they did.

I believe that Kahlo made her wishes quite clear. Her diary was personal; not to be published. Just because "we" want to probe more into her life, does not mean we should disregard her specific wishes. The mystery of her work is sufficient to tell her story.

I love knowing what makes people do what they do and become who the are. I used Frida's diary as an example of an artist journal with my students for years. It gave them insight into the artist's process.While I understand the issue of personal privacy, so much has been written about her. Isn't it better for us to get the truth as she saw it ?

Privacy is a privilege of the living. Once we have passed, our lives become the record of human existence and are no longer our own for the guarding. We pass into the public consciousness and the only way we have a legacy is to be openly regarded.

Artist's diaries give insight into how the artist came up with ideas for their art. It also gives insight into an artist's life.

I don't think it is right to read a dead artists diaries heres why:

- Because she intended it to be for her eyes only!

- I wouldn't like it and I no that all you guys wouldn't like it either

-I just feel like it is an invasion of her privacy

-I no she is dead but that is wrong. I no its interesting but she didn't want you to see it!

I do not think that they should have been even read her diary because they did not get permission since she is dead. She did not want anybody to read her diary because she is dead.

They should not publish her diary because if she wanted her diary to be published she would have published it herself. So people shouldn't published something that they didn't have permisson to she might have had something really private inthere and didn't want anyone to see it. So she probably didn't want the world to see it.

I think a famous person's diary can be read and valued as a personal story of their struggles and inspiration. If Frieda Kahlo's heirs wished to make the diary public, it is their right.

Her diary is hers, she meant it for herself. So what if it helps us understand her art, she obviously did not paint or do anything for the public, she did it for her. Now after all she had been through the pain and amputations, people want to take away what little she had left, her privacy. The content of her diary may be great and moving, but the fact of the matter is, its none of our business, we should be thankful that she shared all the art that she did. Publishing that diary is terrible, she deserved better.

artiats diarys aare private if thely dont want them to be seen then dont make it public

no it's a personal thing. how would you like it if some one got a hold of your diary and published it for all the world to see with all your secrets, private thoughts, and wants and all that. i know i wouldn't.

I want to hear about her life. She is dead so, why not. You can't hurt her feelings now.

I think that at artist diary can be published, but only after many years after his or her death, because if the artist didn't want to publish the diary while he or she was alive maybe the artist didn't want those people to read it.
But I think that if the diary will be published hundred years after his or her death there will be no problem and the artist wouldn't mind. I think so, because it's the same for me: I don't want my friends, my families and people I love to read it. But if someone I don't know will read it after my death I wouldn't mind.

I think that is an invasion of privacy because who would want others to read their diary? I don't think anyone would approve of that!

I think her diary should be published because everyone should see the amazing things she did on her dairy even though its privacy.. she passed away anyway, not to hate on anything but yeah..I would love to see and hear about her life maybe some people can connect to her in someway and somewhat.

So the right to privacy ends at someone's death? That could really hurt those still living.

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